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Tracy’s Words

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I thought it was important for me to tell the story of how happy I am that I chose both to have a hysterectomy and have Dr. Enyart as my Doctor. I was experiencing a lot of pain each month as well as intermittent pain between cycles, along with heavy bleeding. Somehow, I had adjusted my life style accordingly. I finally got tired of feeling lousy and spoke to Dr. Enyart about some of my issues. We spoke about a few different options including a partial hysterectomy.

Dr. Enyart explained the advantages of robotic surgery. After consideration and research, I decided to go forward with the robotic hysterectomy. One of the reasons I chose this type of surgery was due to the fact that the loss of blood is significantly lowered. Additionally the Doctor is able to sit at a console with the controls at hand and a wide 3D view enabling more precision and better viewpoint than the traditional surgery method.

Once I was prepped for the surgery, Dr. Enyart came and spoke with me and put me completely at ease. We discussed the possibility of a complete hysterectomy if necessary due to endometriosis. After waking up from surgery, I was informed that I did indeed have a complete hysterectomy. Dr. Enyart has previously explained that with the complete hysterectomy-full menopause would kick in almost immediately (one of my bigger fears). He had also told me that I would be on estrogen replacement (weekly patch) directly after surgery, and that would help prevent the hot flashes and sweats related to menopause. How right he was!

I was in the Hospital overnight, and went home the following day. Dr. Enyart came to talk with me and assured me that I should be feeling much better within a very short period of time. For the next couple of days I used a heating pad to help with cramping, and within three days of the surgery I no longer needed the stronger prescription pain medication and only required Motrin 800. Within a few days I was able to walk around and returned back to work in two weeks. As far as the menopause, I have not had any sleepless nights and do not have the dreaded mood swings, etc. that I had so feared I am now 6 weeks post op and feeling AWESOME!

I have had several Doctors in my life, and never had one that I felt as confident and at ease with as Dr. Enyart. My only regret is that I didn’t have the surgery a little sooner. I really can’t say enough about how great my experience was with him and the surgery!  —Tracy G.

Tracy Tells Her Story

Tracy Giuliano, a patient of Dr. Thomas Enyart, tells about her successful recovery after a robotic hysterectomy at Florida Hospital Altamonte.