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Services & Treatments We Offer

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The medical team at Florida Women’s Center believes that seeking and sharing information is the best way to deliver the latest OB/GYN and midwifery services and treatments. From keeping their fingers on the pulse of mobile apps to attending educational seminars, Dr. Sweet leads the physicians, just as Lesann Dwyer leads the midwives with an intuitive approach that seamlessly translates to how patients are treated.

Florida Women’s Center offers many gynecologic treatments and therapies as part of routine, well-woman exams and OB/GYN care. Depending on a woman’s age and lifestyle, or if a gynecologic condition is present, the medical team may prescribe any number of beneficial treatments and therapies.

Once a proper diagnosis is established by the skilled medical team at Florida Women’s Center, the right course of gynecologic or obstetric, treatment and therapy can be prescribed. The advanced expertise, coupled with the progressive philosophy of care means that the goal of providing maximum outcomes utilizing the least invasive procedure or therapy for each patient’s needs is soon realized.

Based on many factors related to lifestyle and medical history, the specific treatment and therapy prescribed can alter. To learn more about the variety of treatments and therapies offered for the array of gynecologic and pelvic conditions we treat, explore our website.

If you want to make an appointment with Florida Women’s Center, call our practice at 407.303.5204 or visit our contact page.