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Midwifery Care & Services

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Our Midwives Deliver Great Expectations.

Each of the six certified nurse-midwives at Florida Women’s Center is perfectly poised to deliver competent, safe and sensitive obstetric, gynecologic and primary health care to women in Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Deltona and Lake Mary, throughout every stage of their reproductive lives—from puberty to planning a pregnancy, all the way through pre- and post-menopause.

Our Midwives Collaborate, Customize and Care.

With a specialization in providing safe, sensitive and quality midwifery care during pregnancy and childbirth in a supportive hospital environment, Lesann Dwyer, Andrea Messel and Cathy Rudolph possess over fifty years of combined experience, enabling them to deliver the following:

  • Comprehensive gynecologic care
  • Well woman health visits
  • Pap tests
  • Breast exams
  • Health maintenance education
  • Nutrition and exercise counseling
  • Cancer screening and mammography
  • Family planning and birth control
  • Preconception and infertility counseling
  • Sexual health management
  • PMS / PMDD health management
  • Immunizations (HPV)
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) and infection screening, counseling and care
  • Heart disease and osteoporosis risk assessment and reduction
  • Menopause management
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Hormone replacement therapy
    • Alternative therapies
  • Childbirth education and preparation
  • Primary care
  • Health care needs of women
  • Adolescent gynecologic care
  • Menopausal management plans
  • Birth plan
  • Prenatal visits
  • Personalized assessment
  • Physical exam
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • Pregnancy education
  • Health education

Our Midwives Stay By Women’s Sides as they Grow.

A nurse-midwife is a nurse practitioner trained and certified in midwifery. We provide individualized care to women throughout her life cycle. Nurse-midwives work with women to promote optimal health whether it is during puberty, pregnancy or menopause. A woman may need special education or support during these times and that is exactly what midwives provide. Occasionally, collaboration or a referral with a physician may be necessary for some women. We work closely Jon Sweet, MD, FACOG, Thomas Enyart, DO, FACOOG and Pedro Cruz-Torres, MD, FACOG, the physicians at Florida Women’s Center, and they are always available to assist our midwifery care 24 hours a day.

Our Midwives Engage, Interact and Educate.

The nurse-midwives at Florida Women’s Center provide birth services at Florida Hospital Altamonte. This hospital is the only maternity unit in Central Florida that encourages women to customize their birth experience. Our hospital promotes natural birth, individualized care and mother-baby bonding. It is a perfect match for midwifery care. Together we are creating something special in Central Florida for mother, babies and families, by promising to:

  • Involve you as an active participant in your care
  • Talk to you, listen to you and involve your partner during your pregnancy, the birth of your baby and follow-up care
  • Physically and emotionally support you during your labor
  • Educate and support you in making lifestyle changes
  • Attend to your cultural, spiritual and personal beliefs
  • Support your choice of an un-medicated childbirth
  • Support your choice of a medicated labor and birth (pain medication and epidurals)
  • Support you in your plan for optimal bonding and to breastfeed your baby

“Together we are committed to assisting women in realizing a birth that they own. We provide education and support to empower you to make choices consistent with what you want. This allows you to be an active participant in your birth experience and continue to be an advocate for your child throughout motherhood."

We are advocates of combining the philosophy and care of nurse-midwifery with the practice of modern medicine. Whether you desire a natural childbirth utilizing hydrotherapy in one of our wonderful Jacuzzi’s, aromatherapy, a birthing chair delivery or are considering the option of an epidural, we will assist you in planning for your unique childbirth experience.

If you’d like to learn more about the unique care and lifestyle guidance only a certified nurse-midwife can provide the women of Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Deltona and Lake Mary, call 407.303.5204 or visit our contact page.